Top 5 reasons to love Korean movies

My initiation to Korean movies is fairly recent. I watched Old Boy couple of years ago, and that was it. It was only recently that I started devouring one Korean movie after another. In the last couple of months, I must have watched some 7-8 great movies. My colleagues are bewildered by my strange fascination with Korean cinema. Like most people, they think Korean movies are all about blood and gore. So it’s quite difficult for them to imagine a ‘nice, quiet’ person like me obsessed with Korean cinema.

To be honest, the more I watch Korean movies the more I loathe the Hollywood stuff.

Here are 5 reasons why I think Korean movies are simply the best.

I don’t think any other industry can boast of such magnificent acting talent. From Lee Byeong-heon to Choi-min sik, I think these guys can teach a thing or two to the Brad Pitts of the world. Most Korean movies I have watched had minimal conversations. The actors were either brooding or busy killing people, and that makes it so difficult to emote. If you want to know how it’s done, just watch A Bittersweet Life or 3 Iron.


In India, music is just thrust upon the cinematic narrative. Yes, we are usually quite ostentatious. And that’s one of my biggest problems with Hindi movies. If you want to know how music can actually blend in with the themes of the story, catch the videos below. Of course, the impact is greater when you understand the context. But it’s superlative stuff nonetheless.

Imagery and Symbolism
Watching a good Korean movie is also about thinking beyond the obvious. Buddhist symbols and folklore find a very special place in some of the finest Korean movies. Even if you are not a spiritual person, you will find yourself captivated.

Easy on the Eye
Okay at the risk of sounding banal, I have to admit, Koreans are REALLY good looking. They have the perfect hair, the perfect physique and a perfect personality. It’s actually hard to choose between Jung Woo-sung and Lee Byeong-heon. The fact that both are tremendous actors only makes matters more complicating.

NOONE makes better thrillers than them

If you love thrillers like I do, you cannot and I repeat CANNOT miss out on Korean films. They are mostly inspired by real-life events, which makes it more intriguing to watch how the stories unfold.

So what’s your favorite Korean movie?