3 Top Office Movies

Friday and my mind has already gone for a weekend it seems. Summer vacations are approaching in Europe and that means there will be less workload for me in the coming days. It also means that I’ll have more time to update this blog and do random stuff at work.

While I’m at it, I was wondering what all random things I can do to kill time. Hmmm, this should be fun.  Let’s see. I can book a meeting room for an entire day and stream movies to watch them on the projector. Sweet. Or I can spend some more time at the gym to lose all those kilos. Naah, the first option seems far better. Unfortunately, none of them are going to work out and I’m probably going to waste my time browsing FB or reading inane tweets from people I don’t like.

Anyway, let me bring my mind back to where it should belong. The blog, yes, the blog. Since I’m thinking too much about my office, how about a list of workplace movies I loved? Mmmm, not very sure how it will turn out. But what the hell.

Here you go.

The Devil Wears Prada
There’s something about this movie that makes it so endearing to me. Oh wait! I know what it is. I can relate to Anne Hathaway’s character on so many levels that it’s a little weird. Like her, I’ve always seen myself typing away to earn a living (I’m a writer, if you didn’t know). I’m also extremely callous in terms of what I put on my back. No fashionista, this side. And of course, I had a monster manager once.

The first time I watched it, I laughed out loud every time Meryl Streep assigned one impossible task after another to wreak havoc in Hathaway’s life. Soon enough, I recalled the nights I had to stay back in office to finish Herculean tasks because D wanted that way. I had become a size zero during those 2 years. And in the end much like Streep, D told me that she saw a great deal of herself in me. Like Hathaway I never believed her though. 

What to love about this movie?
Almost everything. There’s humor, fashion and some great performances. The only complain I have is the lack of good looking guys.

Horrible Bosses

This was one was great fun. 3 guys facing a difficult time at work because all 3 have horrible bosses. It’s a great example of how art imitates life. And they have the worst of all type: the calculative devil, the spoilt son of the boss, and the perverted one (she’s a doc, by the way). In my 7 years of experience, I have met only the first kind and trust me I count my blessings. I really don’t know how I’ll react if my boss was a punk or made a pass at me.

Anyway when the 3 friends think they have had enough, they decide to take the extreme step. How it all turns out is something I’m not going to spoil here. Watch it and you will understand.

What to love about this movie?
The clever lines. Like the one when the guys hearing their friend complaining about workplace harassment tell him that his situation really doesn’t sound too bad. I had a chuckle.

500 Days of Summer

I know, I know. This one’s not really about the workplace trials and tribulations. But it is still an office romance and a movie I had recommended to a lovelorn colleague of mine who had a massive crush on this girl from another department. For pragmatic people like me, this one is far more realistic than some soppy office rom-coms. It tells that while love can inspire creativity, reality can bring us closer to our passions. The only glitch is you don’t get to bump into cute guys like Gordon Joseph Levitt at work. Instead you get pesky douchebags who you are better off avoiding.

What to love about the movie?
It’s reality. You get real people going through real situations.